Dr. Donna Phair

Clinical Health Psychologist


New Jersey Office
41 Reckless Place
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There has been a plethora of information written about the communication issues that play a major role in a relationship’s demise.  Yes, communication is a massive issue but it’s not the only culprit.  There are other factors that interfere with our relationships whether they are intimate, platonic or professional.   Some of them (but not limited to) are our pride, ego, past relationship history, emotional associations, expectations, projections, and a lack of insight to our mental environment.

Fortunately, most relationships do not struggle with all of the above factors, but most usually have a sampling of some.  Not identifying and addressing these other factors leaves a relationship vulnerable for future problems.  At that time, individuals may feel they just are not able to shift the relationship despite their best efforts and decided to end the association.  This may be an accurate choice, but it may also be a mistake if they have not identified the other relationship impediments.

Relationship Therapy helps a person understand their emotional approach to relationships and how this may benefit and/or hinder a relationship.  Additionally, expectation’s one has assigned onto the other person is vitally important.  These and other factors are identified whilst simultaneously working on the relationship.  It is not prudent to solely focus on the underlying cause(s) without also treating the surface of the daily interactions.  Many relationships could falter and split apart before all understanding is ascertained.

In our current culture, there is an erroneous belief that only couples on the brink of breaking up seek and benefit from relationship therapy.  Yes, there are couples in this situation that seek therapy, but is not the full picture.  It can and is so much more.  If we take an honest look at our life and the people who populate it, we can see that there are relationships present in our life that if we had some understanding and/or mentally approached it differently, the association may be more rewarding and satisfactory.  This is why relationship therapy can be a life enhancer instead of just a last attempt at saving a marriage/partnership.